The Odyssey Guiding Star

This five pointed Star provides the basis of our work. Each arm points to a broad area that underpins every student’s journey to academic and personal success and well-being. Each Star arm is surrounded by numerous tools, methodologies and assessments which will help us to create each student’s own, personal guiding Star, according to their needs.

All of Odyssey House’s everyday work and curricular, enrichment and therapeutic activities support students’ guiding Stars. The five Star arms are shown opposite.

Find your guiding star

The transcript you send out to your next place of education will reflect the qualities, talents, and knowledge you have worked so hard to develop. More importantly, what you will have learned will be vital to success in all that you do well beyond Odyssey. Our goal is to give you all the tools necessary to become a courageous, skilled, successful and compassionate human being.


Active involvement in our own community and giving to the wider community are cornerstones of our curriculum. Your class will become an extended family that lives, learns, and supports one another. Together, you will help maintain the learning community, and take responsibility for your own and the wider environment. You will make healthy choices for yourself as part of your daily routine, and consider how best you can help others.

Finally, you will learn from yourself. As part of the reflection process, you will record highlights of your Odyssey journey in a journal — your learning, the challenges, your experiences, the educators, the students, and your growth and dreams. You will come to recognise just how much you have actually discovered.

But as valuable as what you gain from everyone around you may be, one of the most important people from whom you can learn is yourself.


When you graduate, your achievement portfolio will reflect the various aspects of your learning and personal journey at Odyssey House.

One section will spotlight your academic achievements and more traditional measurements of educational progress. The second section is unique to Odyssey. It will cover the impressive range of additional learning opportunities you will have had, such as standing on a mountain summit, overcoming your dyslexia, or writing a business plan.

You will now be capable of setting your own direction and following your own selected star without our guidance.

Choose wisely, and enjoy the journey into your future.

As you turn your eyes towards the next step in your educational journey, you will have all the guidance and help you need to move on.


Learn from everyone around you.

At Odyssey House School, on every step of your journey, you will be surrounded by dedicated educators, courageous students, and a vibrant community filled with interesting individuals. You will work in small groups comprising a maximum of 5-6 students led by educators who will give you plenty of one-on-one attention. This is further supported by your classmates, who we encourage to help explain things if someone has got stuck. When everyone works together as part of a supportive learning community, it makes it much easier to get over the ‘rough spots.’

Through your learning community you will develop trust in your educators and fellow students – and then something wonderful happens; a free flow of ideas and learning is unleashed that gives you the courage and determination to try new things and to achieve more than you ever thought you could.