I’m often asked the question as to why I decided to open Odyssey House School and simply put my response is because it’s the sort of school that I wanted to go to when I was a child! I guess the vision for the school started when I started my career initially as a Clinical Psychologist in India and then as a Headteacher in the UK.
I guess the privilege of shaping the future and sacred responsibility of nurturing young minds is exciting and challenging at the same time. And it is with this sense of challenge and passion that we have embarked upon the journey of setting up Odyssey House School. We are committed to ensuring that our school helps every pupil achieve their personal best and that their education journey is full of fun, learning and adventure. We hope to help contribute to the world for the future by building better citizens who are responsible, caring and nurturing adults.

The pupils we serve are in the most transitional phase of their childhood. Some are preparing to transition from primary to secondary education whilst some are embarking on exams and subject choice in preparation for their future university options. To be able to touch their development at such a critical time in their education journey is something we take very seriously – in a fun and enticing way! The experiences our pupils have at the school will shape their school memories forever – a responsibility that we do not take lightly.

Add to that, families who are absolutely committed to the welfare of their children! We see our role as partners with the parents shaping the childhood and lives of their children. We see Odyssey House School as a place for the entire family to learn and grow and our commitment is to support the parents as their child embarks on this critical transitional phase of their childhood and education journey. 

It is a privilege to serve the families and children in our community. We are grateful for the acceptance and enthusiastic participation that has been and continues to be given by the families in this community!

We look forward to serving the North London community for many years to come.

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