Odyssey House School Covid-19 full opening risk assessment.

Please see the link for details on our risk assessment for school opening during a Covid-19 pandemic.

OHS- Risk assessment for re-opening in March


Public Health guidance locally has informed us that there is no need for pupils to wear face masks in lesson. The majority of students at Odyssey House School have an ECHP and will not be required to wear a face mask when moving around the building. If a student wishes to wear a mask in communal areas, they are welcome to wear one if it doesn’t impact on their health. Due to the nature of the small building and limited communal areas all staff will have the option to wear face masks when moving around the building.

Public Health England recommends that the best way to reduce any risk of infection is through good hygiene and avoiding direct or close contact (closer than 2 metres) with any potentially infected person. Odyssey House School will work with the guidance for schools to ensure the reduces transmission of Covid-19.