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One of the biggest differences you will notice between Odyssey House School and other schools is how learning occurs.

We believe that one’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

Each student’s personalised programme of study will include areas of learning that meet their particular needs. These might include, for example, subjects for GCSE, the full primary curriculum, personal, social and health education, and/or extra help with literacy, numeracy or anxiety. We meet Ofsted’s legal requirements.

However, in addition, each year whatever your age, you will embark upon an academic journey organised around themes such as ‘Animal Rights’, ‘Value of Friendships’, ‘Culture, Identity and Place’, or ‘Global Understanding and Environmental Ethics’.

Instead of simply being told facts, figures, and concepts, your time and energy will be focused much more on asking questions, probing, examining, reflecting and linking ideas together to come up with your own hypotheses and solutions. This learning process is creative, alive and engaging because you are an essential and active participant.

With the guidance of your educators you will learn to analyse complicated problems, develop workable solutions and effectively communicate your learning to others. This may be enhanced by visits to enrich your learning in a subject or topic. After each visit, you will return to Odyssey House to reflect on, document and present what you have learned.

Gradually, the complex issues you have been studying are brought to life while your understanding becomes deeper and
more connected.

We want every aspect of your education at Odyssey House School to really mean something to you.

The Odyssey House School community is close-knit, encouraging and nurturing. You will enjoy yourself at school and make friends and memories for life. But we are also keenly focused on helping each student to learn and develop their academic skills, overcome any barriers to success that they might have, and reach their desired goals.

We do this by skilled teaching and input from specialists and therapists if that is what a student needs in order to shine.

These are rolled up in a completely individualised programme of study for each student. This is why ‘the journey is everything’; following the guiding Star is the key to each student attaining their personal goals and achieving future well-being.

Throughout your journey, you will be guided by an adult mentor and, for some, in time, a pupil mentor too. As part of the ongoing process of evaluating your journey, your continuing progress will be assessed by your educators and by you. These assessments will relate to your academic and personal goals and measure your development towards achieving the five points of your Guiding Star.
Periodically, you will present your work to various groups of people. These might include fellow students, educators, family, professionals, and members of the local community.

This is your opportunity to shine, answer questions and show the academic and personal learning you have accomplished in a real and meaningful way.

Your learning experience will begin by identifying your academic and personal goals in an individualised learning plan. With the guidance and support of your educators, you will begin to participate in formulating the direction of your own education – creating your personal Guiding Star. Eventually, you will take an active role in all phases: planning, research, preparation, and documentation.

The journey is everything