Our aim is to provide individualised support to children and young people and have specialist teachers and therapists to provide a wide range of interventions.

One of the unique aspects of our services is that we provide direct support to the child and their family whilst working in partnership with other professionals that may already be involved with them such as teachers, therapists, SENCOs, GPs etc. We are able to provide flexible programmes that are developed after a comprehensive assessment of needs is carried out. Our assessments include some baseline work with the pupil, interviews with parents and current / recent schools and any other multi-agency partners who may be involved with the young person and their family.

A flexible approach

Our aim is to provide nurturing support and enrichment to a young person’s education experience. In order to achieve this, we work around the needs of the young person and create a bespoke programme of support. For example, we could provide support:

  • For a pupil in their current school and ensure that they are supported to remain in school and still receive additional help that their school may not be able to provide such as therapy or intensive education support
  • There may be a need for additional subject specialist support for a child who is being home schooled
  • A child who is a school refuser or on a partial school timetable and needs support to integrate into full time education

Please get in touch with us on info@odysseyeducation.org.uk to book a free consultation on how we could help.