Our goals

  • With an innovative child-led approach, collaborative nature and exceptional team, we will become the go to school for pupils who need a small and nurturing education environment.
  • Through our evidence-based approach and exceptional levels of service, we will be known for making a significant difference to the futures of our pupils.
  • Pupils will relish their experience of education, and we will help them build happy childhood memories.

At Odyssey, we know that every child is different

At Odyssey, we know that every child is different. Every child has unique strengths, needs, aspirations and visions of what it means to be successful.  Hence our work at Odyssey is about understanding and supporting the ’uniqueness’ of every pupil, and personalising a curriculum that will help them unlock their full potential. Our unique outlook on education is encapsulated in the five-pointed Odyssey Guiding Star. Each arm points to a crucial part of the service we deliver, and is supported by decades of evidence-backed tools and methodologies designed to help students succeed:


Understanding yourself and others: at Odyssey, we believe that, more than anything else, education is a voyage of self-discovery – about learning who you are, what your values are, and what you want to do with your life. The services we provide are designed to help children do exactly that.

Communicating effectively: we help our students become strong, confident young adults able to articulate their thoughts and opinions, stand up for themselves, and make their mark on the world.

Becoming global citizens: The children we teach today will reach adulthood at a pivotal moment in human history. Climate change, global pandemics, international struggles for justice and a rapidly shifting political landscape are already changing the world. We need to equip future generations with the skills, knowledge, and strength of character to navigate all that and more.

Being happy: It’s a sad fact that millions of people hated their time at school. It doesn’t have to be that way. At Odyssey, we believe we’ve designed a curriculum that teaches children everything they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives, and offers them the chance to have fun, form lifelong friendships and do the things they enjoy.

Being successful: What does success mean to you? At Odyssey, we help our students find out. Some children want to go to university. Some want to get a job. Some want to express themselves creatively. Others want to devote themselves to their families and friends.  We support the children we teach to identify their goals, then achieve them.

We help pupils on their way

At Odyssey House School, we recognise that every individual has already begun their education and life journey. Some sail smoothly through, others learn to navigate and negotiate the obstacles, while there are those need help to do this and set sail on their own. 

Whatever the situation, Odyssey House School will help all pupils on their way. We will guide, teach, support and encourage pupils until they sail off to their bright future. Pupils achieve their goals by following the Odyssey Guiding Star system; it ensures this is their… time to shine!

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